What’s the Difference Between An Essential Oil Nebulizer and A Diffuser?

Do you have an essential oil nebulizer or a diffuser?

Have you ever wondered, “Are they the same?” and “What is the difference of using them both in our daily lives?”

You may think that they both work similarly but to give you a better understanding of what these two are, we will define each for you.

A diffuser is any device which allows a liquid to evaporate in the air thereby putting a scent into the surrounding environment. A diffuser is simply any device that imparts a scent into the air by evaporation. There are different types of a diffuser and an essential oil nebulizer is one of those. A nebulizer is a specific type that uses the process of nebulization to achieve evaporation. You have other ways to diffuse essential oil but the diffusion method you are going to choose will determine how the amount of aroma from the essential oil will give you the therapeutic benefit you desire.

A nebulizer is slightly better than a diffuser and it is because they are one of the best ways to provide both aroma and therapeutic healing value from essential oils. Essential oil nebulizers do not alter the chemical composition of the oils. It can diffuse the essential oil without breaking its chemical properties. As it breaks down pure essential oil molecules, it is done without separation of the mixture. It produces a particle size that is small enough for the lungs and body to be absorbed rapidly. If you’re using a diffuser in a large space, nebulizers are the best option for you. These little diffusers are very potent and they can cleanse the air throughout large rooms with high ceilings.

People who have asthma and allergic to dust (allergic rhinitis) can benefit well with using an essential oil nebulizer. It improves the air quality because more negative ions are released into the air. These negative ions attach themselves to positive ions, causing the dust to fall to the ground so that it may no longer pollute the air. You will notice that you can breathe better, and the air tastes cleaner. You can have the same experience in places like the seashore or the mountains and that’s because there are a lot of negative ions that are naturally present in the air.

If all that you want to do is provide a pleasant scent to your environment, then any diffuser will work fine. You have a wide variety and styles that you can choose from so that it can fit the space you wanted to place it. But if you want to use essential oils for their maximum healing qualities and pure therapeutic benefit, a nebulizer will do the job effectively. This is the reason why most doctors and respiratory professionals prescribe the use of a nebulizer to administer inhalants of a medicine. Essential oil nebulizers are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and come in modern designs made using natural materials like wood and glass. This gives them an innovative edge as some of the best looking diffusers to decorate your home or office with. You are sure that you will get one that fits your needs and your space perfectly!

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