Smelling Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day- An American tradition.  Just thinking of Valentine‘s Day reminds me of warm, sensuous, and aromatic scents. Now is the perfect time to experiment with different scents to create that special mood.

Our sense of smell is much more sensitive than taste, researchers have linked different smells to different areas of the brain. Certain smells can trigger memories or associations with pleasure and emotion.  Essential oils have a complex chemistry that excite the brain in the pituitary gland, hypothalamus gland, and limbic system.

For example, the smell of roses will often times trigger one to remember Valentines day, or being in love.

Unique Blending of Oils

If you want to create a special scent for Valentines, the best way to start is to think of a happy memory associated with your loved one. For example, what was the best trip you took together? Was it on a camping trip sitting by the fire? A romantic scent then would be a blend of cedarwood, birch, guaiacwood, and cade essential oils.

For the general romantic mood, Rose is still the most popular scent.  However, I would recommend combining the rose scent with something else to make it more complex.  For example, you could mix rose with sandalwood to get a complex sexy and warm scent.

Jasmine is another popular alluring oil for this holiday. Traditional East Asian medicine associated Jasmin to help remove impotence and frigidity.  One could mix jasmine and grapefruit together to create a sweet and bright scent.

Neroli is a derived from the blossom of bitter orange blossom. Its scent is sweet and honeyed.  Like jasmine and rose, its scent has a nice aroma that reminds people of romance.  In old Victorian times, brides wore a sprig of neroli to attempt to calm them selves while still stimulating romance.

From Hinduism, champaca is a popular scent from a flagrant flower.  The traditional scent reminds people of beauty and seductiveness.  This scent is often used in Tantra yoga sessions to promote sensuality.

There’s still two weeks before Valentine’s day, so one has plenty of time to experiment with different scents in the diffuser. There are options to buy mixed potions like Now Food’s Love at First sight if you don’t want to spend the time to experiment.

My recipe

Here is my favorite blend:

  • 2 drops of Rose Otto
  • 1 drop of sandlewood
  • 3 drops of lavender
  • 1 drop of geranium

The end result combines the romance of rose, with the seductive sandlewood, relaxation of lavender, and cleanliness from geranium.

Not sure what Rose Otto is? Here’s a quick video:


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