How can I use a diffuser to feel cooler?

Each day this past week has been over 90 degrees. The heat wave of this 2017 summer is definitely making me irritable and sticky.  With my limited budget, I cannot afford upgrading my apartment with air conditioning. Instead, I decided to use my diffuser to create a cool ambiance. Using the right blend of essential oils, I am able to transform my irritability into a calm cool environment.

 How can I use essential oils to feel cooler?

It may sound strange that an oil can make you feel cooler, but that’s exactly what an oil can do. Have you ever tried “Icy Hot”? The ointment is for sore muscles and provides an Icy feeling sore muscles, followed by a hot sensation.  So, what oil can make you feel cool?

Here are my top picks for the best Cooling Oils:

  • Menthol
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Eucalyptus


Menthol is one of the main ingredients of Icy Hot. It’s the element that makes you feel icy.  For this reason, I like to add it to my diffuser, to add a cool feeling to the room during the summer.


Many do not know, but most Peppermint blends include menthol.  It is commonly used in candies and medicines.


Spearmint is a variation of the mint herb family. I use both peppermint and spearmint interchangeably. Some essential oil brands will blend spearmint and lemongrass together. The lemongrass naturally balances the spearmint to keep you cool and awake at the same time.


Perhaps one of my most used oils, I add eucalyptus to everything. If the night is hot and humid, I like to blend mint with eucalyptus to produce a cool, relaxed spa setting.  Many holistic blogs recommend eucalyptus as a decongestant. If you fall sick during a hot summer night, adding eucalyptus can help clear your sinus when you go to sleep.

My Top Remedy for a Hot Humid Summer:

  • 2 drops of Eucalyptus

  • 3 drops of Peppermint

  • 1 drop of Menthol

Directions: Add distilled water to diffuser. Add drops of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol to water. Turn on diffuser and relax.

When it’s really hot outside, I set my diffuser in back of the fan so that the scent can be distributed by the oscillating fan. I like to turn on the diffuser at least 2 hours before I sleep so that the scents can fill the room. By the time I am ready to go to bed, the menthol has provided with a nice cool feeling.

Happy 2017 Summer Days everyone!



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  1. Thanks for the information! I do used Eucalyptus oil but haven’t try it mixed with the peppermint and menthol. I will going to try this, most of my oils used are chamomile and lavender for relaxation.

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